It’s no secret that I love all things gold and mason jars– that may be an obsession.  So when I started seeing the two combined, I knew I had struck gold (haha, I swear I crack myself up sitting here typing.)


Gold mason jars make for gorgeous centerpieces (with or without flowers), adorable drink-holders, a place to hold pens at a sign-in or guestbook table, and even memorable favors.

With this simple technique you can embellish place cards, the dinner menu and all sorts of other goodies (glitter stripes on gift wrapping would be lovely). Simply apply spray glue or double-sided tape to desired object, and sprinkle with glitter. Check out Hey Look’s blog for other inspiring DIY ideas and much more.

Glitter Votive Jars
You need:
– glass jars, vases or simple drinking glasses
– paper glue or spray glue
– double-sided tape

– glitter powder in the color(s) of your choice






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